Package Substations - with cast resin transformers up to 3000kVA, single or double ended, close coupled arrangements.

LV Switchboards - A full range of LV switchgear solutions up to 6300 amps with fault withstand capability of up to 100kA for 1 second. Forms of separation up to Form 4 Type 7.

Motor Control Centres - Fully integrated motor control. Developed over many years, our MCC can be in fixed pattern, plug-in or high density withdrawable form offering economy and safety throughout the range. Our system can have MCCB's or fuseswitches in the same stack as motor starters. Plug in devices have short-circuit proof and fatigue free, self aligning stabs that offer a high level of safety during operation. 

Intelligent Power Management - With 30 years experience in Industrial Automation and over 20 years of development invested in our switchgear automation products, Underwoods has established an excellent track record in the supply of equipment for critical power infrastructure. We understand the problems faced by Facilities Managers on critical sites with extensive power networks, multiple power sources, switchgear redundancy and backup systems. Through clear displays and unambiguous diagnostics, our interfaces give operators the best possible tools to help manage their plant through normal operation, test routines and fault conditions.

Sub Distribution - A range of sub-distribution solutions from Form 3b Type 2 panelboards to Form 4 switchboards.

Metering and Monitoring Solutions - From kWh to multi-parameter power metering of individual circuits for check metering or MID applications to networked metering solutions with head end interface.

Load Shedding -  Our ALSS systems can be implemented as stand-alone controllers or as “bolt-on” options to our other power management systems. Typically load shedding is activated in systems that have to run on a power budget, for instance when on partial standby generation. Demand side management using ALSS is becoming a topical issue and offers great potential for energy saving and carbon footprint management.

Preventative Maintenance - We offer preventative maintenance and repair on all switchboards and systems of our supply.